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Hawk Helmets Tech Large Magnetic Tank Bag/Phone Case

By Hawk Helmets Tech



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Item Description
Hawk Helmets Tech Large Magnetic Tank Bag/Phone Case


4"L x 6.5"H x 1.5" Thick


  • Front Pocket Has a Clear Opening For a GPS, Cellphone, Amplifier, etc
  • Protective rubber back won't damage or scratch delicate surfaces
  • Super Cool Design To Prevent The Device Overheat
  • Large Zipper Pocket
  • Will Fit On All Motorcycle/Snowmobile with Metal Gas Tank
  • Strong Magnets For Good Holding Power
  • Item Details
    • Fits all metal gas tanks
    • Still able to use your touchscreen devices through protective front cover
    • Cooling mesh keeps devices from overheating
    • Extra inner pocket for money, credit cards and more
    • Extra strong magnets ensure stabillity
    • Also available in Small (3.5'L x 5.5'H x 1.5' Thick)

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