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X-57402.ZB Black Zip-Off Chrome Plated Motorcycle Saddlebags

By Xelement


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Item Description
X-57402.ZB Black Zip-Off Chrome Plated Motorcycle Saddlebags

These saddlebags give you a nice classic look with its sleek design, chrome stud details and extra side pockets you can't go wrong. The inside is lined with strong water resistant material to give extra durability and have double buckle closures with quick release under the buckles making it easier and faster to open the bag. The bags can be zipped off for easy removal, there universal fitting with an expandable throw over strap and have extra tie down ribbons on each side for extra security. You can't beat this classic look and price! Buy with confidence and shop at the most popular site online!
Item Details
  • Waterproof PVC leather look
  • Interior Gun holster Pocket on rightside saddlebag
  • Heat Protection panels on bottom of each bag to protect bags from the heat of the mufflers
  • Zip-off saddlebags with handles
  • Saddlebags retain their shape
  • Two exterior side pockets on each bag
  • Chrome plated brass studs
  • Chrome plated brass buckles
  • Large size for plenty of item space
  • Interior elastic pockets in each bag
  • Dual quick release buckle straps for quick and easy access
  • Heavy thread for extra durability
  • Back straps for secure mounting
  • Dimensions 13″ x 10″ x 5″ x 20″

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