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Outlaw Audio Speaker Ear Insert Comfort Pads with Hawk COM-2 Bluetooth Intercom Bundle

By Hawk Helmets Tech


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Outlaw Audio Speaker Ear Insert Comfort Pads with Hawk COM-2 Bluetooth Intercom Bundle

Are you Looking to add a bluetooth device to your Current Half Face Helmet ? Search no more. This bundle kit is what you need, comes with everything required.
Designed to Fit Most Motorcycle 1/2 Helmets with ''Y'' Harness Strap. The ear pads have audio pockets that will fit most optional mini speakers, made from a soft fleece material and feature comfort foam padding. With the universal tab insert design, these will fit in most brands of half helmets with a "Y" Harness strap. They will not only keep your ears warm, but also block the wind and the sun and extend your riding season. Order yours today from LeatherUp, the web's #1 motorcycle store.

Includes Hawk COM-2 Bluetooth Intercom

The Hawk COM-2 headset was created with the adversities of the road in mind. The innovative technology mixes both comfort and security minimizing distraction or complicated interfaces to give you the best, most accessible Bluetooth Headset device on the market.

The device features intercom transmission for rider to passenger communication as well as bike to bike, perfect for those who ride in groups. The technology in the COM-2 comes with noise cancellation for sharper quality of sound, perfect for GPS directions as well as normal phone communication, or for streaming music directly into your helmet; all of this without compromising your security while on the road.

The COM-2 can withstand speeds up to 120KM/h / 74mph and provides battery life of up to 12 hours of talk time and 180 hours of standby.

Included in the package:

  • Outlaw Audio Speaker Ear Insert Comfort Pads
  • Mounting Bracket Kit with Speakers and Boom Mic
  • Screws for setting up and Installing the unit to your helmet
  • DC Power Charger & USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Item Details
    • Audio ready - Install optional Mini Speakers in Seconds
    • Blocks wind and sun
    • Comfort padding
    • Designed to Fit Motorcycle 1/2 Helmets with ’’Y’’ Harness Strap
    • Installs in seconds - Tab fits in Liner - Velcro Strip attaches to ’Y’ Strap On Helmet
    • Slim 1/2 Inch Comfort foam padding
    • Ear pads are 5 1/2 inches in width x 4 1/2 inches high and 1 /2 Inch in thickness
    • The liner tab for the helmet insert is 3 1/ 2 inches in wide and 1 inch in height.
    • Includes Hawk Com-2 Bluetooth Intercom

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