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Hawk Helmets Tech X1 Accessory Kit

By Hawk Helmets Tech



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Item Description
Hawk Helmets Tech X1 Accessory Kit

Own more than one 1 Helmet? Want to Swtich out with Ease? This is the kit you need. The Hawk X1 Accessory kit has been made available for the rider who likes to switch out between helmets and wants to have the functionality of the bluetooth system on each helmet. This is the kit you need to switch with ease. You do not need to re-install the speakers, with this kit, just switch out the base unit (not included) and your ready to go.

Note: Base Unit Not Included

What's Included:

  • Mounting plate, which connects to the base unit
  • Attached to the mounting plate is a microphone with 2.5mm Auxiliary input and a wired pair of speakers
  • Separate boom mic included for open face helmets
  • USB charging cable
  • Hook & Loop strips with adhesive M3 tape
  • Mounting bracket
  • Foam ear speaker spacers


  • The base unit (not included) and mounting plate connect by snapping both into place
  • Mounting plate can be mounted with either the included mounting bracket or the included Hook & Loop strips with adhesive M3 tape
  • Item Details
    • All the accessories you need to install your existing Hawk X1 Bluetooth base unit (not included) on a second helmet
    • All mounting hardware and adhesives included

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