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GloveTacts Touchscreen Glove Contacts

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Item Description
GloveTacts Touchscreen Glove Contacts

GloveTacts are made with an adhesive backed conductive material that makes your gloves touch sensitive. Powered by AX Suede Connect, GloveTacts boasts conductive properties more powerful than the human hand and utilizes clever technology for ultra-thin, precise touch-screen sensitivity.

GloveTacts are made to stick to almost any glove, and will work with any touchscreen device. There is no guesswork. Just peel, stick, and use.

Use them on your ski, cycling, motorcycle, work, horseback riding, or just plain cold weather gloves. GloveTacts will work with any glove, new or used - so go ahead and give your gloves a modern upgrade!
Item Details
  • Lifetime Connection
  • Guaranteed to adhere
  • Epic Durability
  • Machine washable
  • Removable

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